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Test of Podcast

This is a test of a podcast.

I don't think that this is the best way to try this, so I'll keep at it.

Google Help

Google has centralized all of their help information at Google Help. They have divided the information into broad categories which seem to give an indication of how they think of their own organization. I'll take a longer look at it later--it may be a way to pick up some new tricks.

Taking Notes the Easy Way

I could just kick myself.

I have always been looking for a simpler way to take notes. I have considered software, notebooks, notecards, voice recorders, ripping the pages out of materials and filing them as is.... I never considered voice transcription software, however. Now, after reading David Pogue's review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0, I could just kick myself for not thinking of it sooner.

Imagine looking up from the middle of a good read and saying "note", to see your computer set itself up for a note entry, and then dictating the note without picking up pen or paper. Unless you have your own personal secretary, I can't think of anything that would beat it.

This fulfills my ease of transfer law. Now if it were only portable...

Tech 20

Our library held a technology conference for its employees at our main location today. I had the privilege of giving digital photography demonstrations. I spoke about Picasa, Flickr, and Adobe Photoshop Elements among other things--which is great because I'm at about the same level as the listeners! I'm the guy the family designates to take off-center pictures, annoying candid shots and those great shots of headless people. It was reassuring to see that there were people who had less experience than I did.