Portable Apps Experiment in Limbo

My little experiment with the portable apps on a stick didn't work so well in the end. Not only does the network interfere with my ScribeFire application, it also resets the bookmarks, toolbars, and extensions in Firefox when I switch computers. I will need to use a laptop if I want access to my favorite applications, and I want to keep my data with me.


Anonymous said…
What an intriguing (and smart) idea! Even though your experiment didn't work as you planned, I wonder if you'd be interested in sharing your experiences and ideas with my project. Check out http://www.maintainitproject.org/ and email me at maintainit AT techsoup.org if you're interested in chatting with us. I'd love to include your experiences in our project, Rob. Please get in touch.

-sarah washburn
Rob Amend said…
Thank you Sarah! I'm familiar with the work you are doing at MaintainIT--I have copies of your Cookbooks. I would love to help, if I can. I will be in touch with you soon.

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