Thursday, May 22, 2008

Portable Apps Experiment in Limbo

My little experiment with the portable apps on a stick didn't work so well in the end. Not only does the network interfere with my ScribeFire application, it also resets the bookmarks, toolbars, and extensions in Firefox when I switch computers. I will need to use a laptop if I want access to my favorite applications, and I want to keep my data with me.


Anonymous said...

What an intriguing (and smart) idea! Even though your experiment didn't work as you planned, I wonder if you'd be interested in sharing your experiences and ideas with my project. Check out and email me at maintainit AT if you're interested in chatting with us. I'd love to include your experiences in our project, Rob. Please get in touch.

-sarah washburn

Rob A. said...

Thank you Sarah! I'm familiar with the work you are doing at MaintainIT--I have copies of your Cookbooks. I would love to help, if I can. I will be in touch with you soon.