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eLearning Articles I Read Yesterday 11/29/2012

eLearning Articles I Read Yesterday 11/27/2012

Teacher 's Guide on Creating Personal Learning Networksvia Pocket Big Changes Ahead for Higher Education | online learning insightsvia Pocket machine learning make sense of the NFL’s big data? — Data | GigaOMvia Pocket Tools to Turn your Tweets into A Newspapervia Pocket You Behind?via Pocket collection of VLE or learning ‘bad’ practices, pt.1 – Comments welcome – Technology Enhanced Learning Blogvia Pocket You REALLY…

eLearning Articles I Read Yesterday 11/26/2012

MAKE | Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printingvia Pocket See Advances in Deep Learning, a Part of Artificial Intelligence - NYTimes.comvia Pocket Education Weekly News: RFIDs, MOOCs, Elmo, ALEC and the CCSSvia Pocket Learning: The Power Of Social Learning Modelsvia Pocket eLearning Guild : New Member Benefit - Conference Videosvia Pocket Ferriss Four Hour Chef - Business Insidervia Pocket Timothy Ferriss Four Hour Chef - Business Insidertags:IFTTTPocketeLearningAsk not for…

But What Do You Do With It?

I have spent a lot of time over the past month developing my Personal Learning Environment (PLE). I would say it's a Personal Learning Network (PLN), but I'm trying to expand the scope of what I do, so that I have something I can bring to the table. I have a focused Twitter list for people who are involved in Education Technology, Education, or the study of Creativity. The top tweets from that list are sent to a special issue of the Tweeted Times. The feed from that paper is added to my eLearning feeds in Google Reader. I select promising articles from this list and send them to Pocket for reading on a kindle throughout the day. As I check items off, they are sent to Diigo for curation. Finally, each day's eLearning links are automatically published as a list on my blog.

I feel very informed, but I have yet to domuch with the information I gather.

I admit that, although I am a librarian, I am approaching this from more of a hobbyist's perspective. I'm developing th…

eLearning Articles I Read Yesterday 11/25/2012

5 Outstanding TED Talks about Creativityvia Pocket business for organizational survival | Harold Jarchevia Pocket Social business for organizational survivaltags:IFTTTPocketeLearningThe technological imperative: An excerpt from The Battle for the Books — Tech News and Analysisvia Pocket The technological imperative: An excerpt from The Battle for the Bookstags:IFTTTPocketeLearningHow to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groups — Performancingvia Pocket How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groupstags:IFTTTPocketeLearningData isn’t just the new oil, it’s the new money. Ask Zoë Keating — Data | GigaOMvia Pocket Data isn’t just the new oil, it’s the new money. Ask Zoë Keatingtags:IFTTTPocketeLearningNew E-Textbooks Report Student Study Habitsvia Pocket Turn to Crowd-Sourcing Courses - NYTimes.comvia …

Overdue Return to Blogging

Well, I'm back.

I've been focusing on a few other projects for a while. I was also trying to figure out just what direction I wanted this blog to go. It seemed that my career was moving away from the reference side of things, and there seemed to be a lack of stability in my profession, as well.

In the meantime, I've determined two things: first, I really believe that effective use of data or information is key to solving a great many of today's problems, and that the rise of networked communication and the smart tools that go with it allow a great deal of leverage. Second, I have a real interest in using these tools, as well as an interest in theories of invention, thought and creativity, as well.

So, I will continue to focus this blog on creative problem-solving, and on the best tools available to aid in this pursuit. I would like to focus on open-source, where possible, but I will also look at low cost options, and, when necessary, at some of the pricier tools that d…