Cool Tool of the Week--IFTTT

Our inaugural Cool Tool of the Week (CTOW) is IFTT (If This Then That). With IFTTT, you can schedule actions for your favorite web services--kind of like a macro for the web. You create "recipes" on the site by selecting an application "Channel" that will act as a "Trigger", then you select another application to perform an "Action." Pieces of data from the Trigger are regarded as "Ingredients" in the recipe.

For example, one of my Recipes checks my Pocket account for recently read items. It then takes those items and adds them to my diigo account as public bookmarks, along with any tags I may have added in Pocket. It performs this action every 15 minutes. I can chain together a number of recipes to automate a good chunk of my PLN.

IFTTT is, at this time, a free service, though it looks like there are plans for a premium service in the future. Give it a try!


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