Cool Tool of the Week--Pocket

There are so many tools for reading articles out there, that there is no way I could cover all of them. I will tell you that the one that I have been using for a short time, Pocket (formerly Readability Read It Later), is one of the most useful PLN tools I have come across in a while.

What a pleasant surprise that when I added the Pocket extension to Chrome, I found a Send to Pocket button next to each item in Google Reader. Each morning, I skim through Reader, picking titles or summaries that look intriguing. Later in the day, during breaks, or lunch, I open up the Pocket app in my Kindle Fire (if you sync it with wifi, the items are available offline) where I can read, delete, mark as favorite, or apply tags to each item. It even has a bulk edit function.

Finally, Pocket is one of the supported services at IFTTT, so you can automate things like bookmarking at Diigo, links to Evernote, automated blog publishing, or a combination of these and other activities. Pocket has really helped to simplify my reading workflow.


Unknown said…
I to think Pocket is a wonderful tool and the Chrome extension is great! One (moot) point, it was formerly Read it Later, not Readability.

Rob Amend said…
Thanks for pointing that out, Chris! I've corrected the post.

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