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Google Keep is Really Turning Into Something Useful!

I'm always on the lookout for good note-taking or organizational apps, and I must say, I've been intrigued by the development of Google Keep. At first, I thought that there was little to recommend it - it was just a way of keeping lists or notes on my Google account. I thought that the color coding was pretty neat, but it lacked quite a bit in comparison to other note or organizational apps. I went ahead and began using it as a quick way of recording notes and keeping them handy. I really liked the speech to text angle on my tablet. It worked fairly well, and allowed me to take my notes hands-free while I was walking around.

Since that initial impression, Google has quietly added updates and features, getting it to the point now where it has become extremely useful for me. In no particular order, Google has added:

Reminders.The ability to capture and add photos to notes.The ability to export the notes in a variety of formats (on an Android device).The ability to share notes and …